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Liberty League
Schedule - Directions
ECAC Hockey
Schedule - Directions
ECAC Hockey
Schedule - Directions
Liberty League
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2016-17 Men's ECAC Hockey Standings & Scores

St. Lawrence96-1-214.77830-12189-5-4.61159-42
Saturday, October 1
Colgate 2, Army 2 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Quebec-Trois Rivieres 4, Clarkson 3 [Exhibition]
Quinnipiac 2, McGill 1 [Exhibition]
Sunday, October 2
Rensselaer 3, McGill 0 [Exhibition]
St. Lawrence 4, Quebec-Trois Rivieres 1 [Exhibition]
Thursday, October 6
Penn State 4, St. Lawrence 2 [Non-Conference]
Friday, October 7
Maine 5, Rensselaer 1 [Non-Conference]
Quinnipiac 2, Northeastern 2 (ot) [Non-Conference]
St. Lawrence 6, Penn State 3 [Non-Conference]
Union 4, Michigan 3 [Non-Conference]
Vermont 5, Clarkson 2 [Non-Conference]
Saturday, October 8
Boston University 6, Colgate 1 [Non-Conference]
Clarkson 3, Vermont 2 [Non-Conference]
Harvard 5, U.S. Under-18 Team 2 [Exhibition]
Maine 4, Rensselaer 2 [Non-Conference]
Michigan 4, Union 0 [Non-Conference]
Quinnipiac 5, Northeastern 2 [Non-Conference]
Friday, October 14
Clarkson 4, Merrimack 0 [Non-Conference]
Colgate 4, Connecticut 4 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Maine 4, Quinnipiac 3 (ot) [Non-Conference]
St. Lawrence 6, New Hampshire 2 [Non-Conference]
Union 5, American International 4 [Non-Conference]
Saturday, October 15
New Hampshire 5, Clarkson 3 [Non-Conference]
North Dakota 5, Rensselaer 2 [Non-Conference]
Quinnipiac 3, Maine 2 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Sacred Heart 4, Union 4 (ot) [Non-Conference]
St. Lawrence 4, Merrimack 1 [Non-Conference]
Wednesday, October 19
Quinnipiac 5, Connecticut 2 [Non-Conference]
Friday, October 21
Cornell 3, Ontario IT 1 [Exhibition]
Massachusetts-Lowell 5, St. Lawrence 2 [Non-Conference]
Merrimack 4, Colgate 3 [Non-Conference]
Providence 3, Clarkson 3 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Rensselaer 3, Niagara 3 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Union 5, RIT 2 [Non-Conference]
Saturday, October 22
Boston University 3, Quinnipiac 0 [Non-Conference]
Clarkson 4, Massachusetts-Lowell 3 [Non-Conference]
Cornell 8, Brock 1 [Exhibition]
Dartmouth 3, Harvard 3 (ot) [Exhibition]
Merrimack 5, Colgate 2 [Non-Conference]
Providence 6, St. Lawrence 3 [Non-Conference]
Rensselaer 6, RIT 3 [Non-Conference]
Union 5, Niagara 2 [Non-Conference]
Tuesday, October 25
Quinnipiac 3, Massachusetts 2 [Non-Conference]
Friday, October 28
Colgate 2, Maine 2 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Harvard 7, Arizona State 0 [Non-Conference]
Holy Cross 3, Brown 0 [Non-Conference]
Merrimack 3, Cornell 2 [Non-Conference]
Michigan State 6, Princeton 2 [Non-Conference]
Minnesota 4, Clarkson 3 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Union 4, Rensselaer 1 [ECAC Hockey]
Wisconsin 5, St. Lawrence 2 [Non-Conference]
Saturday, October 29
Colgate 5, Maine 3 [Non-Conference]
Dartmouth 3, Michigan 2 [Non-Conference]
Harvard 6, Arizona State 2 [Non-Conference]
Princeton 5, U.S. Under-18 Team 4 (ot) [Exhibition]
St. Lawrence 2, Minnesota 2 (ot) [Non-Conference]
Union 3, Rensselaer 2 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
Wisconsin 5, Clarkson 4 [Non-Conference]
Yale 4, Sacred Heart 1 [Non-Conference]
Sunday, October 30
Providence 6, Brown 0 [Non-Conference]
Tuesday, November 1
Holy Cross 6, Union 4 [Non-Conference]
Friday, November 4
Dartmouth 1, Cornell 1 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard 1, Colgate 1 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac 5, Clarkson 3 [ECAC Hockey]
Rensselaer 3, Brown 1 [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence 4, Princeton 0 [ECAC Hockey]
Union 5, Yale 3 [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, November 5
Clarkson 4, Princeton 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Dartmouth 2, Colgate 0 [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard 4, Cornell 3 [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence 2, Quinnipiac 0 [ECAC Hockey]
Union 6, Brown 4 [ECAC Hockey]
Yale 3, Rensselaer 2 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
Friday, November 11
Clarkson 5, Rensselaer 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Colgate 4, Yale 1 [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell 4, Brown 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard 5, Princeton 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac 6, Dartmouth 3 [ECAC Hockey]
Union 2, St. Lawrence 2 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, November 12
Brown 4, Colgate 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Clarkson 3, Union 1 [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell 6, Yale 3 [ECAC Hockey]
Princeton 2, Dartmouth 2 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac 4, Harvard 2 [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence 3, Rensselaer 1 [ECAC Hockey]
Tuesday, November 15
Vermont 5, Dartmouth 2 [Non-Conference]
Friday, November 18
Clarkson 3, Brown 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Colgate 4, Princeton 3 [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard 5, Boston College 2 [Non-Conference]
Ohio State 4, Rensselaer 0 [Non-Conference]
Quinnipiac 3, Cornell 1 [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence 5, Yale 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, November 19
Clarkson 3, Yale 3 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell 4, Princeton 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Ohio State 3, Rensselaer 2 [Non-Conference]
Quinnipiac 7, Colgate 3 [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence 7, Brown 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Tuesday, November 22
Boston University 5, Harvard 3 [Non-Conference]
New Hampshire 5, Rensselaer 0 [Non-Conference]
Friday, November 25
Arizona State 5, Rensselaer 3 [Non-Conference]
Princeton 4, Bemidji State 1 [Non-Conference]
Quinnipiac 0, St. Lawrence 0 (ot, Quinnipiac won shootout) [ECAC Hockey Friendship Four]
Yale 2, Clarkson 2 (ot, Clarkson won shootout) [Shillelagh Tournament]
Saturday, November 26
Clarkson 2, Notre Dame 0 [Shillelagh Tournament]
Cornell 3, New Hampshire 1 [Non-Conference]
Harvard 5, Bentley 2 [Non-Conference]
Maine 5, Brown 1 [Non-Conference]
Princeton 3, Bemidji State 1 [Non-Conference]
Providence 3, Colgate 2 [Non-Conference]
Rensselaer 2, Arizona State 0 [Non-Conference]
Robert Morris 3, Dartmouth 0 [Non-Conference]
St. Lawrence 2, Massachusetts 2 (ot, St. Lawrence won shootout) [Friendship Four]
Vermont 5, Quinnipiac 1 [Friendship Four]
Yale 3, Holy Cross 1 [Shillelagh Tournament]
Sunday, November 27
Dartmouth 5, Robert Morris 2 [Non-Conference]
Tuesday, November 29
Cornell 3, Colgate 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Friday, December 2
Arizona State 5, Colgate 4 [Non-Conference]
Clarkson 4, Dartmouth 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell 4, Miami 3 [Non-Conference]
Harvard 4, St. Lawrence 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac 4, Rensselaer 1 [ECAC Hockey]
Union 7, Princeton 3 [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, December 3
Brown 3, Army 1 [Non-Conference]
Colgate 3, Arizona State 2 [Non-Conference]
Cornell 2, Miami 1 [Non-Conference]
Harvard 7, Clarkson 3 [ECAC Hockey]
Princeton 6, Rensselaer 5 (ot) [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence 5, Dartmouth 1 [ECAC Hockey]
Union 5, Quinnipiac 2 [ECAC Hockey]
Friday, December 9
Clarkson at St. Lawrence [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac at Princeton [ECAC Hockey]
Rensselaer at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Union at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, December 10
New Hampshire at Dartmouth [Non-Conference]
Princeton at Quinnipiac [ECAC Hockey]
Rensselaer at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Union at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Tuesday, December 13
Massachusetts at Princeton [Non-Conference]
Yale at Boston University [Non-Conference]
Friday, December 16
Minnesota State at Princeton [Non-Conference]
Saturday, December 17
Minnesota State at Princeton [Non-Conference]
Union at Vermont [Non-Conference]
Sunday, December 18
Union at Vermont [Non-Conference]
Wednesday, December 28
Colorado College, Cornell, Merrimack and Northern Michigan in Estero [Florida College Classic]
Ottawa at Yale [Exhibition]
Thursday, December 29
Colorado College, Cornell, Merrimack and Northern Michigan in Estero [Florida College Classic]
Quinnipiac vs. Boston College in Pittsburgh [Three Rivers Classic]
Friday, December 30
Arizona State vs. Brown in Prescott Valley [Desert Hockey Classic]
Army at Dartmouth [Ledyard National Bank Classic]
Clarkson at Northeastern [Non-Conference]
Colgate vs. Massachusetts-Lowell in Hanover [Ledyard National Bank Classic]
Quinnipiac vs. Ferris State or Robert Morris in Pittsburgh [Three Rivers Classic]
Rensselaer at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, December 31
Army, Colgate, Dartmouth and Massachusetts-Lowell in Hanover [Ledyard National Bank Classic]
Brown vs. Connecticut or St. Cloud State in Prescott Valley [Desert Hockey Classic]
North Dakota at Union [Non-Conference]
Tuesday, January 3
Massachusetts-Lowell at Rensselaer [Non-Conference]
Northeastern at Yale [Non-Conference]
St. Lawrence at Vermont [Non-Conference]
Thursday, January 5
Union at Boston University [Non-Conference]
Friday, January 6
Princeton at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Canisius [Non-Conference]
Saturday, January 7
Clarkson vs. Rensselaer in Lake Placid [Non-Conference]
Cornell at Merrimack [Non-Conference]
New Hampshire at Brown [Non-Conference]
Princeton at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Canisius [Non-Conference]
Yale at Connecticut [Non-Conference]
Tuesday, January 10
Providence at Yale [Non-Conference]
Friday, January 13
Clarkson at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Colgate at Quinnipiac [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell at Princeton [ECAC Hockey]
Dartmouth at Union [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard at Rensselaer [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, January 14
Clarkson at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Colgate at Princeton [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell at Quinnipiac [ECAC Hockey]
Dartmouth at Rensselaer [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard at Union [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Tuesday, January 17
Harvard at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
Thursday, January 19
Rensselaer vs. Union in Albany [Non-Conference]
Friday, January 20
Brown at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Clarkson at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
Yale at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, January 21
Brown at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
Clarkson at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
Yale at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Friday, January 27
Arizona State at Quinnipiac [Non-Conference]
Dartmouth at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
Rensselaer at St. Lawrence [ECAC Hockey]
Union at Clarkson [ECAC Hockey]
Yale at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, January 28
Arizona State at Quinnipiac [Non-Conference]
Brown at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Dartmouth at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
Princeton vs. Penn State in Philadelphia [Non-Conference]
Rensselaer at Clarkson [ECAC Hockey]
Union at St. Lawrence [ECAC Hockey]
Friday, February 3
Colgate at Rensselaer [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell at Union [ECAC Hockey]
Dartmouth at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Princeton at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, February 4
Colgate at Union [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell at Rensselaer [ECAC Hockey]
Princeton at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Clarkson [ECAC Hockey]
Monday, February 6
Harvard vs. Northeastern in Boston [Beanpot]
Tuesday, February 7
Colgate at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
Friday, February 10
Brown at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
Clarkson at Quinnipiac [ECAC Hockey]
Rensselaer at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Princeton [ECAC Hockey]
Union at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Yale at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, February 11
Brown at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
Clarkson at Princeton [ECAC Hockey]
Union at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
Yale at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
Monday, February 13
Harvard vs. Boston College or Boston University in Boston [Beanpot]
Friday, February 17
Colgate at Clarkson [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell at St. Lawrence [ECAC Hockey]
Dartmouth at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Princeton at Rensselaer [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac at Union [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, February 18
Colgate at St. Lawrence [ECAC Hockey]
Cornell at Clarkson [ECAC Hockey]
Dartmouth at Yale [ECAC Hockey]
Harvard at Brown [ECAC Hockey]
Princeton at Union [ECAC Hockey]
Quinnipiac at Rensselaer [ECAC Hockey]
Friday, February 24
Brown at Princeton [ECAC Hockey]
Clarkson at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Rensselaer at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
Union at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
Yale at Quinnipiac [ECAC Hockey]
Saturday, February 25
Brown at Quinnipiac [ECAC Hockey]
Clarkson at Dartmouth [ECAC Hockey]
Rensselaer at Colgate [ECAC Hockey]
St. Lawrence at Harvard [ECAC Hockey]
Union at Cornell [ECAC Hockey]
Yale at Princeton [ECAC Hockey]