P-Brane DMG
Hosted by: Harmando
Monday at 7:00 AM, Monday at 10:00 AM, Tuesday at 7:00 AM, Tuesday at 10:00 AM, Wednesday at 7:00 AM, Wednesday at 7:00 AM, Wednesday at 10:00 AM, Thursday at 7:00 AM, Thursday at 10:00 AM, Friday at 7:00 AM, Friday at 10:00 AM
[Variety] Direct from another planet of non thinking: Progressive Brain Damage is hosted by the Idiot Emeritus, a lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender and hermaphrodite radio show; composed of improvisations on lies, myths and mythologies, laced with a variety of melodic segmentation of clashing musical genres,including: occasional guests, current events, conundrums and riddles; for the most part a major waste of the extraterrestrial listener's time.