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Phone: (518) 276-6248
1 WRPI Plaza
Troy, NY 12180-3590

Featured Shows

The Sandbox
Hosted by: E-Comm
[Variety] Hear WRPI's newest voices before we let them loose on their own! The Sandbox is WRPI's trainee show, where brand new DJs get to play under the watchful eye of their elders. It's like a party in the park, with a lot more good music.
Thought For Food
Hosted by: Nick Demers
Tuesday at 4:00 PM
[Variety] This show is about exploring an eclectic mix of indie, experimental, and electronic music (and beyond)...I usually cover several themes throughout the show, sticking with a particular 'feel' for about 20-25 minutes before trying something new. If you want to hear weird, interesting sounds, tune in!

Want to send us music?

We're always looking for new music to spin. Feel free to contact us for more info:

Address: 1 WRPI Plaza, Troy, NY 12180-3590
Business Line: +1-518-276-2648

Music Directors

For information about our music directors please visit the staff page.

What did you play...?

Looking for information on a song you heard on the air? Unfortunately we don't keep playlists of all of our shows logged at WRPI, but many of our DJ's do keep track of their own playlists. Instead of emailing the Music Director (who doesn't have access to all of the DJ's email addresses) please first narrow down which show you may have heard the song on and then email our Program Director (wrpi-pd @AT@ and ask for that DJ's email. You may then email the DJ personally and ask about the song. Apologies for the roundabout method, but it's the best we can do without releasing all of our DJ's personal emails to the internet. Good luck.